Patient Portal Via Christi Wichita (2024)

1. Ascension Via Christi St. Francis Emergency Department

  • Ascension Via Christi Patient portal links · Doctor visit portal · Hospital visit portal · Hospital visit portal (for those with vision issues) · Electronic request ...

  • Portals by state

2. Ascension Via Christi in Pittsburg: Patient Portal Sign In

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3. Log into Patient Portal

  • Online Patient Portal Help · Forgot Username · Your Medical Home on the Web

  • Welcome to Patient Portal, Your Medical Home on the Web

4. Patient Portal | Children's Mercy Kansas City

  • Reschedule or cancel an appointment. View lab results. Message your care providers. View medication list. Download visit summaries. See immunization history.

  • The MyChildrensMercy patient portal provides you access to your child's health information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, you will be able to:

Patient Portal | Children's Mercy Kansas City

5. the Christie Clinic patient portal

6. Find a Location - Rotech Healthcare

  • ... Patient; Chat. CPAP Supplies Chat · Billing Chat · Insurance Changes · eXciteOSA® Chat · Order CPAP Supplies · Order CPAP Supplies. Search; Patient Portal · Pay ...

  • From coast to coast, there's a Rotech location near you. Find your closest Rotech office with our easy-to-use locator!

7. Sound Physicians: Home

  • As experts in managing hospital programs, delivering care via telemedicine, and supporting long-term care patients, we're empowered with the right training ...

  • Sound Physicians is a physician-founded and led organization providing services across the acute episode of care.

8. HCA Healthcare Careers

  • Grow your career with HCA Healthcare. We raise the bar higher, not just for ourselves, but for healthcare everywhere.

HCA Healthcare Careers

9. Simmons Bank: Personal & Business Banking, Credit Cards & Home ...

  • The Simmons Wealth Management Online Portal makes ... Earn extra interest by using your debit card. Get ... Wichita helps with charitable coat drive. Our ...

  • For more than 100 years, Simmons Bank has worked hard to help make our customers’ dreams come true - like buying a home, starting a business or simply having the ability to manage your money safely and securely, anywhere you happen to be.

Simmons Bank: Personal & Business Banking, Credit Cards & Home ...

10. Patient Portal - The Christ Hospital

  • The data in The Christ Hospital Mobile App account can also be accessed via third-party applications, including Apple Health and the CommonHealth app on Android ...

  • Access care and manage your health from your smartphone or computer. Download our Mobile App or visit MyChart for Desktop to stay connected.

11. Careers - Sodexo

  • Your Impact. You're not just looking for a job, you want to make difference. You will at Sodexo. Meaningful interactions with patients, ...

  • Career opportunities at Sodexo are hugely diverse and varied. We operate in over 70 countries and care about every employee’s training and development.

Careers - Sodexo

12. Ascension | My Transamerica Retirement Account

  • ... Wichita KS. · 319-355-9626. Via Christi Health locations. Via Christi Village locations. Ascension Living locations. David Tritt is ...

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13. Patterson Dental: Dental Supplies, Equipment, Service

  • View a complete range of dental supplies and dental products, equipment, software, digital technology and services for dentists and dental labs.

14. 2024 Patient portal ascension via christi Ascension on

  • douglas lewis family medicine doctor ascension christi wichita lewis scheduled eligible spirit aerosystems employees retirees their families provides primary ...


  • CHRISTUS Health's patient portal ... Corpus Christi, TX & Surrounding Areas ... For those visually impaired using a screen reader and/or using a language translator ...

  • Our purpose is to make it easier for you to manage your health, and it's never been easier to stay connected to CHRISTUS Health. MyCHRISTUS lets you do all this and more, simply and securely.


16. Patient Portal | ChristianaCare

  • Use ChristianaCare's Patient Portal to create a secure, personal site where you can be in control of your health. In your health portal account, you can ...

  • Manage your care with a secure, personalized site.

Patient Portal Via Christi Wichita (2024)


What information can be accessed through a patient portal? ›

Patient portals can help you access medical records, set up appointments, communicate with your health care professional, and pay medical bills.

What is patient portal messaging? ›

Online portals allow patients to interact with their health information and communicate with providers outside the traditional office visit.

What is an electronic patient portal? ›

A patient portal is a secure online website that gives patients convenient, 24-hour access to personal health information from anywhere with an Internet connection. Using a secure username and password, patients can view health information such as: Recent doctor visits.

How do you implement a patient portal? ›

Let's find out how to make a patient portal step-by-step.
  1. Identify your target audience. ...
  2. Follow your patients' priorities. ...
  3. Keep patient portal requirements in mind. ...
  4. Evaluate the efficiency of the portal. ...
  5. Consider data security concerns. ...
  6. Find your software development partner.

What information is excluded from patient portals? ›

Information Excluded from the Right of Access

This may include certain quality assessment or improvement records, patient safety activity records, or business planning, development, and management records that are used for business decisions more generally rather than to make decisions about individuals.

Do doctors read MyChart messages? ›

Providers will review each MyChart message they receive and determine whether their response requires medical expertise and more than 5 minutes to respond.

Are patient portals confidential? ›

Your Health Information Is Private, Secure, and Protected

Patient portals have privacy and security safeguards in place to protect your health information.

What are the disadvantages of patient portals? ›

Some potential disadvantages of patient portals include:

Disparities in age, technological literacy, and internet access can make use of patient portals intimidating or unattractive to some patients.

Who controls the patient portal? ›

With a patient portal, your healthcare provider owns the information and they maintain it. They make the necessary updates based on your visits, results, and queries. In contrast, with a PHR, you are the owner. As we've said, this gives you greater control over your health information.

What are the eight things a patient can do in their patient portal? ›

We examined patients' use of eight common portal features: messaging, medical advice message, lab tests/results, medication list, problem list, allergies, immunizations, and appointment details.

Why should I use a patient portal? ›

Patient portals enable patients to communicate securely and conveniently with their providers. These systems give patients the power to view doctor visits, obtain test results, request medication refills or discuss any medical-related matters.

What is another name for a patient portal? ›

We reviewed literature from 2006 through 2014 in PubMed, Ovid Medline, and PsycInfo using the search terms “patient portal” OR “personal health record” OR “electronic personal health record”.

How many patients use patient portals? ›

In 2022, about 3 in 5 individuals were offered and accessed their online medical records or patient portals. Frequency of access has increased consistently over time. Individuals increased their use of apps to access their online medical records between 2020 and 2022, while web-only access to portals decreased.

What do nurses do in patient portal? ›

Nurses can improve patient portal use by explaining the benefits and providing education.

What are three types of information captured on the patient information form? ›

Similar to the patient intake process followed at the facility, the practice captures demographics, clinical data, insurance information, payments, and consents.

Which information can be accessed through a patient portal test resultssupport groups insurance billscost comparisons? ›

Final answer:

A patient portal allows access to test results, insurance bills, and cost comparisons, as well as provides support groups for patients.

What is the information obtained from the patient? ›

Subjective data is information obtained from the patient and/or family members and can provide important cues about functioning and unmet needs requiring assistance. Subjective data is considered a symptom because it is something the patient reports.

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